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The Trenton food bank can trace it’s beginnings back to 1985-86 when a steering committee; lead by Donna Martin-Warren; formed at St. George’s Anglican Church and assisted by others churches and service clubs, looked into the matter. The mandate for food banks came from the realization that individual churches were being called on to provide food assistance in quantities they could not meet on an ongoing basis.

An application for tax-exempt status as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act became effective on June 1st 1987. Thus, the Trenton Care & Share Food Bank opened its doors in the old Police Station on the Market Square in July 1987. Incorporation status was applied for in 1987 and became effective on November 25th 1988.

During 1988 it moved to the Dufferin Centre and operated out of this facility for 17 years until it was forced to move to a new location where it is now at 38 Guelph St. Trenton.

The Trenton Food Bank works very closely with other food banks in the area so as there is no over extension of service or “double dipping.” It also works closely with the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Employment Office, Career Edge, Community Partners to Success, Mental Health, Social Assistance, CAS, churches, schools and service clubs.

Clients are walk-ins off the street, referrals from the agencies noted above and other sources. Those who meet the requirements receive about seven days or more of food and are only eligible to use the food bank once per month.

It has been many years since Food Banks appeared as service providers to meet the needs of that segment of society who live in poverty and are “deserving of the same kind of respect and dignity” as those of us who have. Poverty is defined as people who live on half of the lower income segment of the population.

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